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Weddings During Covid – We Still Have Your Dream Marquee

As a marquee company we are getting lots of panicked enquiries at the moment because of the recent rule changes.  The UK Government has now stated that up until 17 May, wedding receptions must be outdoors.  Couples from all over the country who previously had their weddings planned fully indoors are now searching for marquees in which to hold their reception.  Weddings during covid don’t have to be any less special just because there are less guests.  We can still create you a stunning wedding marquee to remember!

So in regards to the marquee, what is classed as “outdoors”?

The Government state that marquees must have at least two sides/ends open.  This gives us a reasonable scope to work with.

Following are the Government Guidelines and also what The Swanky Marquee Company can provide to accommodate each step.   Further information can be found here 

From 29 March

 Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies can continue to take place for up to 6 people only but will no longer be limited to exceptional circumstances.

Receptions are not permitted. However, small gatherings can take place in line with social contact limits. Therefore, they may take place outdoors in a group of six, or two households (including support bubbles, if eligible to form one).

We can provide a space for your gathering of 6 as follows:

Step 2 – no earlier than 12 April

Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies are permitted for up to 15 people in COVID-19 Secure venues that are permitted to open or where a broader exemption applies.

Receptions can take place with up to 15 people in the form of a sit down meal and in any COVID-19 Secure outdoor venue that is permitted to open. Such receptions must not take place in people’s private gardens or public outdoor spaces.

For your gathering of 15 people we can provide:


If you would like a bigger Pagoda and want to party a little harder with a small dance floor, please look to the options available in step 3.

Step 3 – no earlier than 17 May

Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies are permitted for up to 30 people in COVID-19 Secure venues that are permitted to open.

Receptions can also proceed with up to 30 people in a COVID Secure indoor venue, or outdoors.

Your reception of 30 people can include:




Step 4 – no earlier than 21 June


At Step 4, the government aims to remove all limits on weddings, civil partnership ceremonies and receptions. This will be subject to the outcome of the scientific Events Research Programme, which will include a series of pilots using enhanced testing approaches and other measures to run events of larger sizes.

At each step

  • anyone working is not included in the limit for ceremonies or receptions
  • weddings and civil partnership ceremonies, and receptions, can only take place in venues that are permitted to be open at each Step.

So don’t hesitate, we still have some availability.  Get in touch, we would love to help create the wedding of your dreams.

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