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The Swanky Marquee Company – So Who Are We?

We are Toni, Ben, Leo and Joel.  We are a family run marquee company offering a bespoke advisory service to help you book and manage your marquee event.  The Swanky Marquee Company provide only top class marquees and marquee furniture/lighting and we service the whole of the UK but specifically in the North of England.

Born Out Of Covid

The Swanky Marquee Company was actually born out of covid.  A strange thing concept you might say?  However, we noticed right from the beginning in the April of 2020 that social distancing was going to be really important.  We saw that weddings would stop and that a global pandemic was about to sweep country and indeed the events industry.  So we decided that at a point when many people were leaving the sector due to lack of work, we would actually join it.

We searched and found a fantastic company for sale called Bowland Marquees and decided this was the company for us.  It had the very best marquees and had all the gear we needed to get started.  It also came with full training on how to erect and look after the marquees.  Meanwhile, myself and Ben had come up with our own company name which we rather like, and the branding to go with it.  And The Swanky Marquee Company came to life!

Myself and Ben both had other companies which paid the bills so we weren’t reliant upon any income from a fledgling business.  This gave us time to really research the marquee trade and find out what people needed and what might be missing.  We found that more often than not, a client can be overwhelmed when booking a marquee.  They often don’t know where to start in choosing the marquee, or its contents.  What we found was a gap in the market for a totally client led experience when booking a marquee.  So we decided to do things a little differently…….

So What Happens When I Call The Swanky Marquee Company?

Toni One Of Our Marquee Events Managers
Toni One Of Our Marquee Events Managers

When a client calls The Swanky Marquee Company, they are greeted by one of our friendly events managers. We will then talk the customer through their entire event and get a feel for what they are trying to achieve.  Next we talk the client through all their various options, lighting, flooring, chairs, tables, decoration etc. We will hold the client’s hand through all of their choices and tailor the marquee event to suit their style and their budget.  Now the client will then be empowered with their new knowledge and will feel able to make an educated decision.  We then come and visit you as the client so that you have met us in the flesh.  After all – we will be providing you with one of the biggest elements of what could be one of the most important days of your life therefore it’s important to meet.

The Client Meeting

At the client meeting, we will assist you, if required, with other aspects of your event…catering, floristry, photography, cars, etc.  This really is event management at it’s best.  We provide a complete package for as much or as little as you require.  When everything is booked, we will hold your hand through the whole journey including your special day.  And what do we charge for this special service?  Nothing! Nada! Completely free of charge!  We do it because we care about you and about your event.

So please feel free to pick up the phone and contact us on 0113 289 2692 and see how we can help you prepare your marquee event ready to wow your guests!

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