Schools, Pubs/Restaurants 50% Off

We currently have special rates for the following:

Marquees For Schools 50% reduced rate

Our marquees are German engineered and can withstand gale force winds.  We adhere to strict Health and Safety criteria and our marquees are the best available.  Quite simply, our marquees will provide extra space for your students that will allow easier social distancing.   They will provide an undercover, windproof, and warm space that you can be sure won’t fall down!  We have special rates for longer term use in schools.

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Marquees For Pubs and Restaurants 50% reduced rate

Do you need extra undercover outdoor space to keep your pub or restaurant COVID secure?  Our marquees are super strong and if you prefer, we can attach them to your building to aid longer term use.  We have various designs be it a frame tent, a petal pole, a pagoda or a stretch tent,  to suit the style of your business.  We are currently offering special rates for pubs and restaurants to help you with your alfresco dining.  Contact us to get your special price.