Stretch Tents

What Are Stretch Tents?

Super cool.  Super on trend. Unusual. And in demand.  There is nothing boring about stretch tents!

If you have these tents at your event you can be guaranteed they will be a talking point and your event will stand out from the rest.

These structures are extremely versatile and can be rigged in many different ways to form different shapes.  A stretch tent provides the perfect setting for any event.  From a simple garden party to a large festival or show, stretch tents are fun and adaptable.  These structures can be rigged in different ways to suit your event, producing a unique and stunning structure for maximum impact. Due to their unique design, a stretch tent flexes and flows exactly how you need it.

Their modular design enables us to build flexible configurations to cater for any size or type of event.

Festival Stretch Tent
Festival Stretch Tent

These structures are for rental and use all year around.  They are completely waterproof.  Our tents can be rigged to create either an open and breezy space or a fully enclosed and intimate setting.  So no matter what the weather or season, stretch tents are a great choice.

Stretch tents open up spaces for entertaining that other marquees simply cannot offer, meaning that you can have your event almost anywhere you would like it.

8 x 5 Party Stretch Tent
8 x 5 Party Stretch Tent


Stretch Tents As Wedding Marquees

Stretch tents can be set up on all surfaces, whether it be a lawn or patio, against buildings, or over uneven ground. They can be built over water features, plants, or courtyards.  Because they can be built on any terrain, this gives you new possibilities to entertain and provide shelter in areas you might never thought possible before.  They make the most beautiful wedding marquees.






Inside A Wedding Stretch Tent
Inside A Wedding Stretch Tent


We can tailor your stretch tent exactly how you want it so let your imagination run wild!  Whether you want the sides up or completely down, the choice is yours.  Having the sides fully open to the surrounding scenery will in effect bring the outside inside, therefore allowing it to be part of your event.

Enlarging Or Adding To Existing Venues

A Structure At A Country Show
A Structure At A Country Show

Hiring a stretch tent provides you with the ability to create flexible yet stunning sheltered space.  The structures blend perfectly into any landscape and they can be temporarily attached to buildings.  Additionally, stretch tents are able to beautifully cover courtyards and can be used well into the winter months.

The versatility of stretch tents means they are equally at home covering a country pub beer garden or a stylist city centre roof terrace so the possibilities are endless…..

Plans And Layouts

Whatever the size you require the possible configurations are endless. We can create our stretch tent structures to cater for parties of up to 300 people.

Our tents can be configured in the following four ways:

All Sides Up

One Side Down

Sides Up, Corners Down

Three Sides Down