Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing’s a daft question and here’s a list of some of our favourite and most frequently asked questions…….

Marquee Furniture
Marquee Furniture

Do you have furniture?

The first of our frequently asked questions.  Yup!  We have everything for your marquee event.  A variety of tables, round ones and rectangular ones, chairs, chiavari, cross back, folding chairs and benches.  We’ve got furniture to cobble dogs with!

Will those festoons light the marquee fully?

Another of our frequently asked questions.  Yes indeedy! If you think, you might usually have just one light bulb lighting up a whole room at home.  Well our festoons have hundreds of light bulbs.  In fact – we often have the opposite effect and find the marquee can become TOO light.  We fit dimmers onto our lighting rigs so that you can control the ambiance of your marquee fully.

Can we fit that incredibly large tent into this incredibly small space?  Pleeeeeaaaaaase?

You will be surprised at just how often we get asked this question and the answer is no.  We get it that if you are a restaurant you want to cover as much space as possible, but please don’t ask us to do it because it simply isn’t safe.

Most of our marquees require poles, ropes and steaks to create the tension and to make the tent strong and sturdy.  We need around 2 meters around the perimeter of the tent itself for our poles and rigging to come outwards.  This is non negotiable.  Lots of people think if they have a space 8 x 6 then they can fit an 8 x 6 tent into it.  You can’t.  It needs to be more like 12 x 10 to accommodate the poles.  For small spaces often pagodas and clearspan which use no poles are the way forward although even they need a little extra room if it’s hard standing for the ballasts we use to weigh them down.

I have this space for a marquee, but there is a tree in the middle of it, or the corner of a garage.  Can you work around it?

Another of our frequently asked questions.  Erm….no! Even our stretch tents aren’t that magical.

Stretch Tents Are Great For Uneven Ground
Stretch Tents Are Great For Uneven Ground

I have a space for a marquee but the ground is uneven.  Can I still have one please?

If it’s flat but a little lumpy then we can work with that.  When it’s really undulated then we can build a wooden floor and pack out the ground underneath (but this is quite costly).  And if it is on a slope or there are steps and multiple low level obstacles, then a stretch tent is for you.  Generally speaking, marquees, other than stretch tents like flat, undulating ground in order for us to get the most tension on them and make them safe and not wonky!  But we do have things up our sleeve to get round lumpy, bumpy ground.

How big are your tent pegs?

We don’t use pegs we use steaks! Huge ones that you would use to kill a vampire with!  They are about two foot long and beasty!

Can you attach a marquee to the side of a building?

Yes!  Stretch tents are particularly good for this but we can also attach clearspans and pagodas.  This can negate some of that extra space needed for poles.

Do I really need a catering tent?  Can we erect our own gazebo for this job?

Most, but not all, caterers do not supply a catering tent.  But they usually need one.  They put in them ovens, fridges, sinks, back washes for the bar, and food preparation areas.  Unless you are having a really simple buffet delivered, they will need a catering tent.

The quality of the catering tent is really important.  We have proper 6 x 6 pagodas that we use and we have connecting tents to your main marquee.  This means the waiting staff can deliver your food without having to walk through the potential wind and rain with each finished plate to serve.  Our catering tents also have flooring and that it is safe for caterers to use.  For these reasons, we would heavily advise that you don’t provide your own gazebo for the job.

Beautiful Petal Pole Marquee
Beautiful Petal Pole Marquee

Do we really need the bigger sized marquee for our event?

It might sound daft, but it really does depend on how many people are attending your event, and the things that you need to fit inside your tent.  Using trestle tables rather than 6ft rounds can really increase your space. You will also need extra space if you want to include a band or sofas.  Don’t worry though because we have special software we use to draw your marquee plan out to scale.  We can literally draw out all of your choices and see if they physically fit.  This means we can get you the very best marquee for your budget.

We don’t have a field yet.  Can we still book a marquee?

Yup!  As part of the service we will help you find a local field or space for your marquee.  We have a list of appropriate spaces for most areas.

We Can Always Come And Check Your Site
We Can Always Come And Check Your Site

We are nervous about the site.  Will you come and check it for us?

Yes we will.  Customer service is a huge priority for us and we don’t want you to worry.  We also want to make sure the site is suitable for a marquee.  We will come and meet you and we will assess your site.

I’m so overwhelmed.  I don’t know where to start planning this event. Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!?

The last of our frequently asked questions.  Hold on.  Stop worrying.  We offer a free advisory service.  We have all of the contacts within the events industry and can hand hold you through planning your whole event.  We can give you as much or as little help as you need.  So if you need florists, caterers, cake makers, bar companies, cars or event styling, we can hook you up with quality people who we know are properly priced.  Your event is important to us and we are here to help.

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