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Why Should I Bother With An Events Planner?

The value of having someone help you plan your wedding is HUGE and events planners are literally worth their weight in gold!  Something that is often not prioritised by couples for a wedding, or businesses when planning their corporate events, this service can be so worthwhile and can really help to alleviate stress levels.  Benefits include:

  • You could spend LESS by booking events planners.  This is because they are able to secure better discounts because they book events regularly.  Also, they know where to source better value supplies and services.  This saves time and money.  You will undoubtedly save WAY more money than what the planning services cost.
  • Stress levels.  Events planners will take the headache out of the whole process for you.
  • Do you have a million ideas swimming around your head about your event?  Or do you have the opposite problem and just can’t think what to do?  A good event planner will make sense of your ideas and bring them to fruition.  Or they will give you ideas when you don’t have any.
  • A good planner will save you bundles of time!  All the researching of every different aspect of your event will be taken care of.  Meaning you save hours and hours and hours of endless googling!
  • Your event will go smoothly.  Guaranteed!  Your event planner will be experienced and will have done this rodeo many times before.  You will be able to relax, knowing that everything is in hand.  Your planner can help you with literally everything.  We’ve even known planners go wedding dress shopping with their clients.


Wonderful Events by Martina Paul.

Wonderful Events by Martina Paul
Wonderful Events by Martina Paul

We are UK based Wedding Planners located in Warwickshire and London. We look after couples across the UK and destination weddings to Europe. Wonderful Events has been established in 2014 as a Wedding Celebrant service and went on to being a wedding planning agency. We are a team of two, Martina – chief wedding planner, and Jessica – weddings, and events designer and planner

  • Experience in coordinating over 300 weddings around the world
  • Years of experience working in the food & beverage industry, hotels, and travel
  • Experience in managing an independent wedding venue, so we understand those all-important behind the scenes operations
  • Delivering 5-star service with attention to every detail
  • Bespoke design and styling for every wedding & event
  • Reliable and creative suppliers to deliver your perfect day in the UK & abroad

Every couple is different and has a unique style, life, and circumstances. No two weddings are the same, and that’s why we offer flexible wedding planning services, bespoke wedding packages, and tailor-made events.  We want you to be creative! And we will ensure you have a stress-free wedding planning journey from beginning to end.  Working with us means forming a team to make your dream wedding a reality. Together, W.E will create individual and modern celebrations that truly reflect you.  Find more about Wonderful Events here

Sian Chaplin Events

Sian Chaplin Events
Sian Chaplin Events

I have been in the events industry for over 12 years now, planning a variety of corporate events and special celebrations in the UK and all over the world, I absolutely love what I do.

The day I set up my own business supporting couples and clients with their weddings and celebrations was a dream come true. As a wedding and event planner based in Leeds, Yorkshire I just love to be involved in a variety of occasions, particularly the outdoor, DIY weddings and party celebrations that are a lot of fun!

Planning any celebration no matter how large or small can be time consuming and often feel overwhelming. My priority is to provide a fun, relaxed and stress free environment for your event planning needs. Whether it be assisting with finding the perfect venue, locating the right suppliers to fit in with your vision or being the go to event coordinator on your special wedding day; you can rest assured that your event will be organised just the way you envisaged it.  Find more about Sian Chaplin Events here